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Dry Creek Outbuildings by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

By • Oct 10, 2012

This contemporary compound, consisting of a caretaker’s office, caretaker’s cottage, and guesthouse, was the recipient of multiple awards from 2009 to 2010.

The project is an elegant solution to the original set of dilapidated structures on the site.

It was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and is located in Woodside, California, USA.

Dry Creek Outbuildings by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson:

“Material, structure, and craftsmanship played a vital role in the realization of these two modest buildings.

They sit at the edge of a creek between the public world of the entry drive and the secluded forested creek.

Western Red Cedar clad boxes, constructed with the precision and thoughtfulness of a cabinet, face the entry drive while more private glazed living areas open up to the creek.

The weathered cedar boxes contain the service’ elements of the program: a galley kitchen, bathrooms, an office and utility rooms. Delicate ribbon windows are strategically placed in the simple façades providing specific views, introducing light, and maintaining privacy where required.

The language of this cedar skin continues inside, at times peeled away, revealing Douglas Fir siding and structure. Rafters project from the cedar boxes extending outwards, drawing one’s eyes towards the tangled oaks and moss covered rocks of the active creek.

The pure glazed living areas open themselves onto the natural world. The siding and structure provide warmth to the glass boxes, and in the evening hours the spaces glow.”



site plan


Photos by: Nic Lehoux

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