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Guesthouse by HHF Architects

Swiss design studio, HHF Architects, has completed the Guesthouse project in Ancram, New York, USA.

This contemporary guesthouse, which also serves as a gallery for the owner’s art collections, has a Y-shaped layout and is composed of a wooden structure clad in corrugated corten steel.

Guesthouse by HHF Architects:

“The House is the 2nd building on a beautiful large estate in upstate New York, Columbia County. The building is designed as a private guesthouse and is an addition to the already existing main house, which was built three years before and designed by the same team.
The plan contains a bedroom, a living/work room, an entry hall, a gallery for art as well as a bathroom, a kitchenette, a walk-in closet and a garage in the basement.

On display in the gallery are currently four Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei.”

Images by: Iwan Baan

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