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Casa Lucernas by 01Arq

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Located in Catemito, San Bernardo, Chile, this contemporary home was created in 2011 by 01Arq.

Strategically placed windows and skylights provide dramatic views of Cerro Chena as well as cross-ventilation.

Casa Lucernas by 01Arq:

“The house is located in Catemito Lucarnitas, 20 km south of Santiago in Chile’s central valley, on flat land at the foot of Cerro Chena, from which you have a variety of views both far and near.

The program is divided into two areas, private and public rooms, living, dining and services. The strategy poses a volume on one level that solves the linear program, allowing all precincts have Cerro Chena view and facing north.

To make even more dramatic close views, and distant relationship with the landscape, the initial volume is extruded volumes in the vertical plane, forming skylights at key points, either by overlooking or entries specific points of light, generating double heights and visual tension to the landscape.

Similarly, extruded volumes in the horizontal plane, forming intermediate spaces such as terraces, also as access programs, and service garage.

The location of windows and skylights, also reflects the need to create cross ventilation, maintaining pleasant temperatures during the summer months.

The materiality of the project is reinforced masonry, material characteristic of the area. As finishing, stucco and painted in dark gray exterior, which contrasts with the white aluminum profiles used on glass skylights and windows, and the interior of the house which is also white.

The plant aims to have maximum flexibility in the public program. The enclosures can form a single space when the sliding door that separates the kitchen from the dining room is open, hiding the wall that delimits the terrace. “

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Photos by: Aryeh Kornfeld

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