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Cubo House by Agraz Arquitectos

By • Nov 3, 2012

Mexican studio Agraz Arquitectos has designed the Cubo House project.

This 6,587 square foot, three-level, contemporary residence is located in Zapopan, a city in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

It was completed in 2006.

Cubo House by Agraz Arquitectos:

“The Cube House weightlessly becomes part of the site while its volumes give in to a geometry that fits together with light and landscape topography. The project itself is an answer to the place where it is set upon.

A north inclined terrain offers attractive views to a ravine rich in beautiful scenes. This is why the schematic solution took the highest part of the hill, allowing a natural placing of the precincts. In other words, it is an attempt to emulate the way that nature itself would have solved the scheme. This solution wants to maintain the hillside intact, promoting an earthly architecture.

The natural slope suggested placing all public areas of the house over the upper bound, saving the low topography for the private precincts of the program; this is, to allow the dwelling of the land unevenness.

In the lower level, towards the street, are the carports as well as the house entrance, living and dining rooms, kitchen and terrace, making a public come together. And this too is where a double height urn for contemplation occurs, expressing itself outwards as the great cube raises.

In the lower plant, bedrooms and a small living room possess the garden, taking shelter in the deepness of the terrain. It is the place where private life finds its turn, refugee in the endless green that sees the house come up to take outside plenitude.

The ulterior goal of the Cube House is to be a literal translation of the idea of a tectonic box, decanting its very own architectural essence in order to enhance the dweller’s life.”

Photos by: Mito Covarrubias

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