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House on Krk Island by DVA Arhitekta

By Sophie Johnson


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This contemporary vacation home is a 2012 project by DVA Arhitekta that overlooks the Adriatic Sea in Krk Island, Crotia.

It is a three-family house that was designed so that each party is provided with sufficient space and views of the water.

House on Krk Island by DVA Arhitekta:

“The client’s wish was to build a vacation home with a prospect of becoming a permanent one, on the island of Krk, the northern part of Adriatic.

The site is located next to the sea, with the green zone and a promenade dividing it from the sea.

All important facilities are oriented towards the seaview, and space is organized to be used comfortably by three families (parents and two children with their families) at the same time.

Base of the house comprises sleeping area, with direct access to the pool area. Living area is on the top, with its own outside spaces due to the terrain configuration; gaining the best of view.

Outside spaces vary in character, from completely open terrace to semi and completely covered one, and atrium onto which rooms that are in the ground reflect; all of which allow different happenings at the same time, without the crowdy feeling.”

Photos by: Robert Les

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