Milanese firm Gianni Calzà | Emanuele Genuizzi | Giovanni Banal | Architetti Associati designed this modern hotel for Whiteline Hotels in 2011.

It is located near Lago di Garda in Arco, Italy.

The hotel boasts views of the Arco Mountains, Lago di Garda, and neighboring vineyards.

VIVERE by Gianni Calzà | Emanuele Genuizzi | Giovanni Banal | Architetti Associati:

“Bold, crisp, unimposing, yet every bit subtle and sophisticated, Vivere lets the landscapes carved by the glaciers take a Zen-like centre stage, mindfully complementing + respecting the surrounds with a fabulously modernist low-rise build.

Crisp, cuboid structures frame the ancient vineyards, whilst generous open spaces dissolve the barriers of the internal and external – allowing nature to flood the place with the scents, sights + sounds.

We loved the contrasts and the clever usage of local stonewalling with rusted steel panels – raw elements that act as a protective skin whilst lending an appearance of age, substance and seriousness.

Here you naturally sense that you are close to Lake Garda at the foothills of the Arco Mountains and you sense that this is a private place crafted with passion and respect.”



Photos by: Edy Longo