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Gedda House by Mustafá Bucar Arquitetura

This contemporary home by Mustafá Bucar Arquitetura is located in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil.

One highlight of this 2008 project is the decorative tile motif shared by both the interior and exterior.

Gedda House by Mustafá Bucar Arquitetura:

“Supported on a panel of hydraulic tiles, a marquee with 5 meters in balance invites to the surprise of the courtyard, a small lot with a small patio.

The 360sqm of the house are divided in three well-defined sectors: service, intimate and social. This last one is formed by the integration of the living room, television room, dining room and a small courtyard, where the opening of the glass doors form a large balcony.

The whole house has a low ceiling of 2.60 meters that creates a sensation of coziness, except in the living room whose ceiling is sloped, creating an opening that allows the entry of sunlight.

The construction and carpentry objects were executed under the administration of the office itself, allowing the exploration of cladding elements, working tones and textures of the materials used, releasing plans and volumes, a composition made of floor, wall and ceiling.

The connection between the three sectors is punctual at the encounter of the dining room with and the kitchen, access to rooms is via a hallway closet that makes the transition to the intimate sector.

The three suites have large window doors that opens to small intimate gardens, isolated compared to other environments in the house. The service sector has great independence from the rest of the house, including its access.”

Photos by: Paulo Rezende

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