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Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg

By • Nov 16, 2012

This contemporary home by Johan Sundberg was created for a couple in a seaside resort area called Höllviken, Sweden.

The house was designed to satisfy building regulations, as well as the clients, while maintaining the integrity  of the site’s natural landscape.

Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg:

“Höllviken south of Malmö is originally a seaside summer resort. A young couple wanted to build a house on a traditional summer house lot that had to be very modern, and at the same time suitable for a flexible family life.

The most economical solution considering the planning regulations of the area is the traditional 1,5-story house most common in the south of Sweden. This strategy would also enable us to save some of the trees and vegetation on the site.

From a designers point of view this building type is a challenge. A traditional saddle roof is to be combined with a held-back modern design. This leads to challenges around the roof edges. Large glazed sliding doors and crisp dormers require steel reinforcements within the timber frame. A goal in the design process was to create a prismatic form, a play of volumes without any unnecessary leaps or edges.

The design dissolves the traditional 1,5-story bottom level plan and opens up the structure both over the corners and up through the first floor. Lines-of-sight penetrate the house and the window positions work to frame the scenery on the outside.”

Photos by: Kasper Dudzik and Vidir Geirson

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