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House in Belas by CHP Arquitectos

By Sophie Johnson


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CHP Arquitectos created this 2012 project for a client in 2715-311 Belas, Portugal.

The house is a contemporary take on the traditional Portuguese residence and has been compartmentalized into five distinct spaces that are connected by a system of passageways.

House in Belas by CHP Arquitectos:

“The design intends to express a contemporary look onto the main aspects of traditional Portuguese architecture, with special attention to the balance and harmony between each building.

The house consists of five different bodies, linked through passages.

Spaces between each body create a series of relationships, distances and views are generated, providing a rich and diverse atmosphere.

The social areas are located in the core of it all, benefitting from the surrounding environment, and allowing a simple and functional distribution throughout the house.”

Photos by: Francisco Nogueira

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