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Horcasitas Apartment Remodel by DEN Architecture

By Sophie Johnson


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DEN Architecture created this contemporary apartment for a couple located in Miami, Florida, USA.

It is an environmentally friendly renovation of an outdated space from the 1970’s.

Horcasitas Apartment Remodel by DEN Architecture:

“A young couple from Central America acquired an original flow-through unit in a prestigious modern building from the late 1970s.  With surgical precision, carefully selected interventions transformed a compartmentalized old-fashioned apartment into a modern collage of spatial experiences.

The composition of volumes, including furniture and built-in cabinets, fills the generous open spaces without an overwhelming presence.  Expansive monolithic forms in contrasting colors provide a seamless transition from one space to another. 

The wall separating master bathroom from sleeping quarters is punctured with three vertical windows that create a day-lit master suite with views of Biscayne Bay; on the bedroom side, the openings are integrated with the custom-made headboard.

Low profile furniture in the main living area maximizes cross ventilation, taking advantage of the views and ocean breezes in the flow-through layout.  Using colors predominant in Central America, deep earthen tones and rich dark woods are complemented with bright red accents.

The visual appeal is complemented with an equally sophisticated ecological sensibility:  dual-flush toilets, low VOC paint, reclaimed plumbing fixtures, recycled marble tiles, and the re-use of existing floors make an aggressive remodel gentle on our planet.”

Photos by: Greg Clark Photography

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