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Home Sweet Home by 3ndy Studio

Home Sweet Home, a project by 3ndy Studio and located in Fossò, Italy, was designed with the intent to create a cozy and pleasant environment to consider home.

Finished in 2012, it has elegant wooden floors and rustic stone walls.

Home Sweet Home by 3ndy Studio:

“An home is the place where you feel good every time you enter inside, a sort of shelter inside the town. Not too big and not too small. The way you think about your life out of the work is your home. It Is the place for you and for your family, with all the utilities but in the same time simple and easy to maintain. And also the home has not to consume too much energy and it’s better if the energy comes from the sun. This home is made in part with ancient materials, that come from the grandparent’s old house, as the wood and the bricks that recall to memory the roots of the family. New materials as Corian, are used in the furniture and the stairs. The atmosphere inside this country house is extremely warm and is due to the color of natural material used for the interior wall and for the floor.

This house is an home to live. The places are projected in order to be comfortable and livable without renouncing to a clean and fine design style for the contemporary architecture. The easy complexity of the composition is the result of a series of constriction due to the shape of the lot, to the several requests of our costumer who was skilled and alert to protect his privacy. None of the sides which looks at the road have any openings, on the other hand each of the windows is turned towards the private garden or hidden in the leaning walls or towards small inner courts. 3ndy studio assisted the costumer for the furniture option and the same attention for choosing materials and for the project of details has been paid for the inside of the house.”

Photos by: Alessandro Lazzari

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Magaly Grosso was born in Venezuela where she grew up and studied Advertising and Marketing. With time, she realized that what she truly wanted to dedicate herself to was Interior Design, which is why she decided to study it and devote herself to it.

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