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Apartment in Madrid by IlmioDesign

By • Dec 27, 2012 •  Selected Work 

This modern apartment in Madrid designed by IlmioDesign studio features wide open spaces and a daring artistic selection.

With its crisp white walls and futuristic light fixtures, this apartment is innovative without sacrificing comfort.

Apartment in Madrid by IlmioDesign:

“The artistic sensibility of the proprietors of this home is perceived from the moment you enter. In this case, a partial reform was executed, in order to highlight the grand central space, from which you access the rest of the rooms, as the main attraction. A central nucleus that distributes, like a spinal column, all the works of art in the home, which are a part of it just as they are a part of their lives.

The careful illumination of this area thanks to the light fixtures, besides illuminating, creates a nexus of union between the different spaces, inviting us to discover them.”

Floor Plan

Photos courtesy of IlmioDesign

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