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Apartment in Madrid by IlmioDesign

This modern apartment in Madrid designed by IlmioDesign studio features wide open spaces and a daring artistic selection.

With its crisp white walls and futuristic light fixtures, this apartment is innovative without sacrificing comfort.

Apartment in Madrid by IlmioDesign:

“The artistic sensibility of the proprietors of this home is perceived from the moment you enter. In this case, a partial reform was executed, in order to highlight the grand central space, from which you access the rest of the rooms, as the main attraction. A central nucleus that distributes, like a spinal column, all the works of art in the home, which are a part of it just as they are a part of their lives.

The careful illumination of this area thanks to the light fixtures, besides illuminating, creates a nexus of union between the different spaces, inviting us to discover them.”

Floor Plan

Photos courtesy of IlmioDesign

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Magaly Grosso was born in Venezuela where she grew up and studied Advertising and Marketing. With time, she realized that what she truly wanted to dedicate herself to was Interior Design, which is why she decided to study it and devote herself to it.

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