Orizon House, located in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, was designed by Andres Serpa.

The home is spacious, open, and modern, with large terraces and outside spaces to enjoy the warmth of Central America.

Orizon House by Andres Serpa:

“Andres Serpa designed this tropical home in Playa Grande, Costa Rica located just by Las Baulas Marine National Park. This house was conceived to enjoy outdoors and natural environment. A sustainable home was built by following traditional construction methods from the surroundings, utilizing local construction materials and by realizing the huge need to preserve the nature around. A combination between concrete and wood really maximized sophistication and simplicity in a single space.

The core of the house are the semi covered space with easy access to pool, in which one can enjoy nature, tropical weather and monkeys passing by. In this space, worldly cares can be forgotten and the human spirit is granted the freedom to dream. The Orizon house symbolizes humanity and nature co existing peacefully.”

Photos by: Dana Klein