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Loukas Residence by Vardastudio Architects & Designers

By • Jan 24, 2013

This contemporary residence is a 2008 project by Vardastudio Architects & Designers that is located in Emba, Paphos, Cyprus.

The client’s request for a round house required the architect to step out of his comfort zone.

However, in the end, he was able to create a simple yet unique space complete with a semicircular swimming pool.

Loukas Residence by Vardastudio Architects & Designers:

“This residence is a round shaped fair face concrete building, with a semi detached rectangle entrance.

The long narrow windows following the form of the structure look out to the wrapped back yard with the timber floors and semicircle swimming pool.

Sometimes a client’s request may lead into a new concept that you might never have thought before. That’s what happened at that project.

At my first meeting with the client, he asked me whether he could have a “round house”. My first reaction was: “But… my work is a bit different of what you ask…”.

I had second thoughts though, so I decided I would do it, under one condition: I would do it in my own way!

Indeed, space experience in unique. The house has a natural flow, it is spacious and structure is characterized by total simplicity. The plot is in a busy road, so the semicircle acts like a natural road boundary.

Internal, everything is rotated around the semicircle pool that acts as a referee point of the whole project, as it can be seen by every spot in the house.

By that semicircular volume, underhangs a wooden one, where the office is. By that way the visual view of the circle is interrupted.”

floor plan

Photos by: Christos Papantoniou

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