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Seth Navarrete House by Agraz Arquitectos

Seth Navarrete House is located in Zapopan, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and was designed by Agraz Arquitectos.

The home is designed with straight lines and in colors of white and beige, with an emphasis on Minimalism.

Seth Navarrete House by Agraz Arquitectos:

“A young couple with a keen and clear mind asked for an architectural design that would bring out the most of the spatial quality for their life scenery on a 200 square meter (2150 ft2) terrain with a short budget.

So, in a peculiar 11 by 18 meter (11×59 ft) piece of land with extremely tight building rates and regulations, the possibility for a garden area in the project can only be set on a side line. Hence, the right-of-way is utilized as green zone, becoming different from any other house project that usually proposes a backyard and this aspect is the one that outlines the rest of the program.

Due to the lack of conditions for placing the cars out of the architectural scenery, a front plaza that can also be used for any urban need is designed for the garage. But the urban attitude of these parking places allows that space to take the outside in, and to show the inside out.

In the interior spot where vehicular and pedestrian paths meet, the circulation system begins and from there, on first floor, a hall leads to living and dinning rooms, with a small bathroom underneath the stair.

These social premises are generously granted on 40 (430ft) of the 200 square meters of the terrain, having on the side of the connecting hall, the kitchen and service areas that look into a patio with a roof to floor window.

On the second floor, where the stairway leads to a façade headed family room, are two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, and in front of them, the main bedroom with walk in closet and large bathroom.

As seen, main bedroom together with living and dinning room are the upgraded spaces in the project, achieving larger dimensions in relation to the size of the terrain. This ends up giving certainly peculiar characteristics to the house other than fulfilling the clients’ requests for spatial quality and architectural design.”

Photos by: Mito Covarrubias

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