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Apartment Near A Park by HOLA Design

By Magaly Grosso


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This sophisticated apartment, located in a building near one of the main parks of the city of Warsaw, Poland, was designed by HOLA Design.

The apartment is very much a family home, with large family portraits on the walls and specially-designed rooms for the children.

Apartment Near A Park by HOLA Design:

“The main challenge for us was to separate additional room with no loosing impression of spatiality and reconcile a variety of materials which investors love with steel, keeping cohesion. The owners wanted to have diverse a apartment. The only thing they dislike were “white and dull,” in their opinion, interiors. What they liked was nature, connection of wide range of high quality materials but materials which are not very common in interiors. They wanted stones and wood but no marble, travertine and granite and no exotic wood.

We created an apartment in which every wall was design. Painted walls are only behind curtains. In a corridor on one side you can find upholstered panels with copper brackets. On the other side of this corridor on the walls we gave black glass with 3D laminated picture of trees. Full high doors are in black polished lacquer. On the bottom of these doors there is a night, linear LED lighting.

Copper appears also as a frame for over 3m (10-foot) high mirror in the entrance hall. In entrance hall there are also bended veneered doors which are smoothly continued with bended veneered panels on wall. We’ve used modified oak
veneer on walls and custom made furniture. Floors are covered with stained oak and natural basalt stone. In the middle of the living room there is a low wall hand made by the Polish mason. Whole kitchen island (top and front panels) are also made from the same stone. Main wall in the living room is covered with huge concrete plates.

How to relax and feel nature – lie down on the chaise just under the real tree watching a calm, real fire in bio fireplace . The tree was a leitmotif for the interior of this apartment. This motif you can find also in the main bathroom on walls in the shower area and above the bathtub. On walls in this bathroom you can also find Antalya Cream stone which finishes (corrugated) was also hand made by the mason.

Completely separate words in this apartment are two children bedrooms. One for the small princess who loves Disney and second one for not yet born child (hope this new baby will love teddy bears :) )”

Photos courtesy of HOLA Design

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