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200 Chambers Penthouse by Incorporated Architecture & Design

200 Chambers Penthouse was designed and created by Incorporated Architecture & Design and is located in New York City, USA.

The home is exquisitely simple and modern, allowing small statement pieces – mostly works of art – to add character.

200 Chambers Penthouse by Incorporated Architecture & Design:

“Designed in 2006, with a construction cost of $2,200,000, as a pied-a-Terre for European gentleman who makes New York his home only in the fall. A place for both work and the entertaining of friends and family, the residence was developed with a private suite, an entertainment area and two bedrooms for frequent guests. The project is a study in architecturally defined spaces verses architecturally distinct objects. An ambiguity or tension is invoked as one travels through the plan between rooms that are discernable as objects from one perspective only to collapse into complex and surprising spaces from another point of view. With a restrained but rich palette of limestone, sepele mahogany, gold leaf, white marble, bronze and stainless steel, the 4000 square foot, home was developed as a clean, light filled canvas or back drop for furniture and antiques collected from throughout the world.”

Photos courtesy of Incorporated Architecture & Design

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