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La Finca by UXUS

By Sophie Johnson


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UXUS, a firm based in the Netherlands, created this rustic home in 2009.

The structure’s rugged exterior blends effortlessly with the wild terrain of its location in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

La Finca by UXUS:

“Located in one of the most picturesque villages in Mallorca, this rustic Spanish farm from the 13th century was transformed into a private family holiday residence.

The interior atmosphere was designed as an eclectic balance between the comfortable rustic and clean sophistication.

La Finca’s landscape design was inspired by the rough and dramatic Mallorcan terrain, which surrounds the property.

Its gardens incorporate an orchard, ancient olive trees, a guesthouse and a 15 meter pool.

The swimming pool is the centerpiece of the garden and is designed to appear suspended over the property’s orange orchard.

The overall objective of La Finca was to visually blend the existing house, the natural surroundings and the new construction into a harmonious whole.”

Photos by: Dim Balsem

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