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Chilliwack by Randy Bens Architect

By Sophie Johnson


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In 2011, Randy Bens Architect created this contemporary home located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

It was built for a family that had outgrown their existing split level home.

Chilliwack by Randy Bens Architect:

‘The project brief was to add a new floor to an existing 1950’s split level home, which was originally designed by an architect.  However, due to some unforeseen conditions, the existing house had to be removed. So the construction is all new, and the design retains hints of the old. 

The existing house was too small for the family, so a new floor was added containing a master bedroom, ensuite, office and deck.  

The new upper floor cantilevers in two directions, and compliments the lower (original) cantilevered portion of the house.  

To soften the strong geometry of the house, clear stained cedar siding was used on all surfaces to give the composition scale and warmth.  The inner face of each cube is lined with bluestone to provide contrast. 

The house feels very spacious in relation to its actual size.  There are three ceiling heights used throughout the house which create volume and a sense of openness.  Careful window placement allows walls to be washed with light and views to be controlled.

The interior material palette is very simple – white walls, rift cut oak cabinetry, and bluestone floors (and patios).  Bluestone is also featured as a cladding material around the base of the garage and at the insets of the front “boxes”.’

floor plan

Photos by: Roger Brooks Photography

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