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CORMAC Residence by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

By Holly von Huene


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California-based architectural firm Laidlaw Schultz Architects has designed the CORMAC Residence.

Completed in 2012, this contemporary home in Corona del Mar, California, USA, makes efficient use of a relatively small piece of land. The public and private living areas are elegantly separated by a white brick wall.

CORMAC Residence by Laidlaw Schultz Architects:

“With a passion for modern architecture and an international understanding of style, the homeowners approached the architects seeking something unique and suitable for their growing family. The home’s quiet street setting gives no indication of the dynamic coastal views accessible from inside, and this feeling of revelation became the starting point for the design. A simple line separating public from private, the first move about which the house begins, starts the dialogue. This wall is punctuated with a sliding panel and is then drawn up to reveal the striated walnut garage door that continues the plane. The woven-steel panel is the gateway to the interior courtyard and private dominion. As seen from inside the courtyard, the enceinte transforms into an exterior fireplace and backdrop for the glass-like pool. A wall of foliage on one end provides a panel of green to complement the shimmering blue water; on the other end, a continuous fountain creates a soothing soundtrack.

The house itself takes advantage of these two exterior spaces, interior courtyard and exterior view, with a wrapper of sliding doors that, when open, turn the house into an outdoor pavilion. A juxtaposition of lacquered cabinetry set against painted brick walls, and aged wood floors in contrast to stark white walls further emphasize the balance of sophistication and style that make up this home.”

Photos by: Larry Falke

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