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Brotherton Barn by The Anderson Orr Partnership

By Sophie Johnson


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This rustic residence is a 2007 barn conversion by The Anderson Orr Partnership that is located in Pusey, Oxfordshire, England.

In order to add space to the home without pushing beyond the envelope of the existing barn, the architects decided to lower new construction into the ground rather than build upward.

Brotherton Barn by The Anderson Orr Partnership:

“The brief from our client was to sympathetically integrate a contemporary open design within the envelope of the original Grade II Listed Barn with an effortless connection between the open plan living area and the secluded master bedroom suite without detracting from the height and volume of the vaulted spaces of the barn.

The second key element for the barn conversion brief was how to design the entrance. With most barn conversions you find giving the building its own distinct entrance difficult because you’re working with the original openings and these tend to be large openings to the sides of the building.

To provide the effortless connection between the open plan living area and the secluded master bedroom suite a floating staircase and gallery was designed and detailed by The Anderson Orr Partnership in conjunction with Spiral Stairs.

For the principle entrance a single storey element already existed. Both The Anderson Orr Partnership and the client felt we could utilise this element for the entrance by opening up the roof with glazing and inserting a pod which neatly houses the utility and cloakroom.

What has been created now gives the approaching visitor a sense of arrival and an idea of what can be expected inside.

More than half the building to the rear section of the barn was lowered into the ground to ensure two storeys could be accommodated within the existing envelope of the barn. In addition the original buttress and stone walls were sensitively repaired and rebuilt, the original roof had also fallen to disrepair and in places collapsed.

Carpenter Oak & Woodland were employed to sensitively repair the roof using traditional techniques with the finished composition clearly demonstrating how traditional building methods can effectively complement contemporary modern lines.”

First Level


Second Level

Photos by: David Stewart

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