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House 2P by SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti

By • Mar 13, 2013

This modern residence is a two family home located in an affluent area of Zagreb, Croatia.

It was created by SANGRAD in collaboration with AVP Arhitekti in 2012.

The design was greatly influenced by the topography and narrowness of the site, yet it still manages to provide enough light, privacy, and views of the exterior landscape for its occupants.

House 2P by SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti:

“The task is to design a house for two families which will be located on a very valuable and exclusive city location.

This site challenges our approach by its own configuration: a very steep plot which is set between Ilica Street (a historically important street) and the elite Hercegovačka street.

The house is designed on a narrow plot oriented north-south, within a cramped built perimeter, structured by buildings of diverse size and shapes. The layout is determined by the site topography and the designer’s approach to divide the house into two residential units.

The main idea was to conceive a house that can be read as a single object, despite its functional layout (two residential units, garage, technical facilities, etc.)

Thanks to all these characteristics, the house answers the configuration of the site by adapting itself to the layers of the site and connects the residential areas with the external ground on different levels.Thus, the interior spaces have their own privacy.

The house has different view angles according to the point of view. From Hercegovačka Street the project seems to be a low object that frames the panorama of the city of Zagreb. On the other hand, the view of the house from the French Republic square gives the impression of a large object which meanders along the topography behind the historical facade of Ilica.”

Photos by: Robert Les and Sandro Lendler

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One Comment to House 2P by SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti

  1. observer says:

    Inside cold & outside ugly.

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