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J20 House by DAR612

Croatian architectural firm DAR612 have desinged the J20 House in Zagreb, Croatia.

Completed in 2010, this 4,306 square foot modern home consists of two juxtaposed elements that form a T-shape, providing an abundance of light and exterior views.

Another highlight is the indoor pool located on the first floor.

J20 House by DAR612:

“This family house with a pool, located on a gentle slope, is designed as a juxtaposition of two elements – a primary longitudinal wing with white finish, and a perpendicular element covered in dark wood coating. A T-shaped floor plan enables maximum south and west orientation, as well as views from both levels.

A two story-high entry divides the house into two segments connected with a wooden bridge: the east segment is a secondary space with a garage on the ground floor and children’s area on the first floor; the west segment contains the main living spaces and parents’ quarters on the upper floor.

The pool, separately located above the living room, is visible from the rest of the house. The stairs and the bridge, designed as a steel structure with wooden cladding, make the core of the house, which functionally connects the spaces, creates the dynamic flow, and visually unifies the interior.”

Photos by: Robert Les

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