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Maison Go by Périphériques architectes

By Holly von Huene


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Paris-based architectural firm Périphériques architectes has designed the Maison Go in Thionville, France.

Completed in 2006, this 3,336 square foot, 3-story contemporary home features a unique glass exterior.

Maison Go by Périphériques architectes:

“Organized in three levels over a parking basement, this metal-frame house is fixed on a concrete basement. The facades are made of glass outlines called “profilit”, offering thermal isolation as well as intimacy protection. This translucent envelope is leaned and the different levels are shifted ones compared with others. A zinc roof continue the outside envelope , following the “profilit” glass weft features. The house is opened by large windows. Those clear glass windows are cleverly organized according to the rooms and the view from the house, connecting it with its environment.

From the street, the house is reached by a ramp and, next to the main door the first floor is accessible by a large staircase. This is the house’s reception level. You could find there a large multi-purpose entrance as well as the parents’ room, a bathroom and a study. An helical staircase goes down to the garden-level where children bedrooms are organized around a bathroom. From the reception area, a staircase goes to the day-rooms on the second floor. There, the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are organized around a vast south-west orientated terrace.

A ramp access connects the street to the parking-basement opened to the garden, divided into two parts. The first part is a two cars parking; the second one is made of two storage cellars and a service’s entry. A staircase connects the garden level and the first floor.

We propose to organize the garden as coppice blocks pierced by clearings in front of each room. This solution will protect the house and the garden from the neighbourhood. An independent studio flat is located on the east side of the house. It is accessible from the street crossing the garden. Later, it will be easy to connect this part to the main house by the garden level.”

Photos courtesy of Architectes Peripheriques, Luc Boegly

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