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Quinta dos Alcoutins by GGLLatelier

By Sophie Johnson


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This modern residence is a 2011 project by GGLLatelier that can be found in Lisbon, Portugal.

It is equipped with several luxurious assets including a wine cellar, home theater, and spa.

Quinta dos Alcoutins by GGLLatelier:

“The House is inserted on an estate situated at the northern limit of Lisbon, the lot is north-facing with an accentuated decline.

A grey volume draws the exterior spaces of the house and rectifies the inclined nature of the terrain, allowing the social areas a better solar exposure, the slanting white volume floats over it, turned away from the exterior limits of the lot and opening over the garden and the swimming pool.

The distribution is pragmatic and very clear: The grey volume is filled with the complementary spaces of the house, illuminated by a patio carved in it (Shower room, Spa, Cinema room, Wine cellar and Garage) the white volume is occupied by the main spaces of the house (Lounge, Library, Kitchen and Bedrooms) privileged by the transparency towards the garden and swimming pool.

The rooftop is torn by a white terrace overlooking the Golf-course and the city skyline.”

Photos by: Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra

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