This home, located in Los Altos, a neighborhood of Long Beach, California, was heavily renovated by Weaver Design Group.

The interior makes use of vibrant color and a wide variety of textures and patterns to create warmth and comfort.

A Total Remodel in Los Altos by Weaver Design Group:

“Constructed in 1952 in Long Beach, California, this mid-century tract home was remodeled by the original owner in 1954 by adding square footage as well as a second story.

‘Although the original home wasn’t necessarily “modern” in design, we saw the potential for a mid-century modern design within the existing good bones,’ according to Steve Weaver, principal of Weaver Design Group.

While the exterior was completely re-done and the interior gutted, the entire design includes beautiful custom finishes, custom hanging, push-button cabinetry throughout the home, and furnishings that are specific to the period. The entire home is filled with Danish modern furniture and custom mid-century modern period pieces.

Walking through this Long Beach mid century modern home is quite an adventure for the eyes. Circles, ovals, rectangles, ovals, and more cantilevers than you can count. From concept to to design to furnishings, the project was completed within five months – something that would normally have taken 1.5 years.”

Photos by: David Trotter