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House Faes by HVH Architecten

By • Apr 23, 2013 •  Selected Work 

House Faes is a 2007 project by HVH Architecten that is located on a large plot  in Keerbergen, Belgium.

The client had a specific request for a a single story home with plenty of natural light and a sense of connection to the land.

House Faes by HVH Architecten:

“In the residential area of Keerbergen, this new house is designed on an big and empty corner plot.

It was a desire of the client to achieve a single story house, with a focus on optimal daylight and maximum integration of the house with the terrain.

The floor plan was conceived as an elongated volume with patios where every space with its specific function is related to a specific orientation.

Each space has therefor his own relationship with the terrain. Bedrooms are directed to the east, the living areas to the south and west. The north side of the house is mostly closed.

Since the start of the design a collaboration with landscape architect Patrick Verbruggen was established to fully integrate the house with the open space.

The house is situated just beside a creek along the site, thereby the open area of the plot can be maximized in the south part. The functions were literally spread over the plot for optimal contact with the surrounding area. The garden literally blends into multiple interior spaces of the building.

On the west side the living area is situated under a large cantilever, which on the other side of garden wall serves as a carport. The living room has two 2 adjoining terraces, the west terrace is covered.

A second pronounced volume houses the children’s bedroom and the office which also includes a shower room. The third volume is the night area, next to the bedroom there is a walk in closet and the bathing area. In relation to the pool a sauna is integrated with a nice relaxation area.

The masonry, the floor and the window profiles are black, all interior walls, ceilings and fixed furniture are white. The central volume in the night area and all doors to the outside storages are made in gray wooden planks.”

floor plan
site plan

Photos by: Tim Van De Velde

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