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House in Madrid by A-cero

This modern home is located in Madrid, Spain and was designed by A-cero.

The home is surrounded by carefully manicured greens and curving gardens that contrast with the harsh lines of the structure, enhancing its architectural elements.

House in Madrid by A-cero:

“The main idea is to integrate the building into the environment oriented to the fantastic views of the housing development, taking advantage of the slight off-level of the lot itself. The project evolves linked to these conditionings with two resounding volumes, rectangular, forming a very simple scheme, which solves the interior layout with large spaces in half levels and double heights.

About the building, highlight the clean finishes, select materials and unique qualities. The property is surrounded by a landscaping made with attractive interventions and an existing tree extension.

Inside we seek functionality following the ‘modus vivendi’ of the property. The generously sized house is developed in three heights. The main access is adapted to an off-level terrain. Inside in ground level the lobby, distributor and wardrobe, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the office, the pantry, a toilet, two bedrooms, two dressing rooms, two bathrooms and a terrace.

The porches and projections, as volumetric elements, give personality to the facade. The cover floor as such disappears turning into a flat roof as expression of the evolution of the creative process. The forms purity moves to the constructive scheme, to the materials, and to the environment fostering the union between the house and the context in which is located.”

Photos courtesy of A-cero

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