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The Konstancin House by Nasciturus Design

Polish studio Nasciturus Design completed the Konstancin House project.

The architects designed the interior of a 3,767 square foot house near Warsaw, Poland.

The Konstancin House by Nasciturus Design:

“This project was made for a four-person family living in 350m2 nearby Warsaw. Our clients gave us a free hand in arranging the interior providing some hints like color preferences and a general vision. They wanted their apartment to be spacious, impressive and one in a kind. Although it was expected to be arranged in a contemporary style, the owners also value a timeless classic.

The ground floor is mainly used for integrating the household as they have a common space to spend time together. The ‘Brunner’ fireplace perfectly attracts long conversations in a pleasant ambience. A large 3meter glass slab used as a handrail makes the space even more visually appealing. It is not only a remarkably elegant solution but it also enlarges the space. Worth mentioning is also a ‘Fly’ Vibieffe sofa making the living room couched in comfort.

The kitchen is finished in a black and white polished MDF. The working table is a natural graphite board perfectly matching the lockers. We also have managed to add a little bit of lightness by hanging the cupboards above the floor.

Next, there is the dinning room decorated in a balanced contrast of dark and light colors corresponding the rest of the house. The main component is a magnificent ‘Cedros’ dark table ideal for a sophisticated meals and the original and soft chairs ensure a full comfort thought the whole evening.

In the bedroom you will find classic wallpapers, subtle textiles and warm colors that will make you sleep tight. The delicate lighting is making the room all the more welcoming and a large window overlooking the garden guarantees a beautiful view from the very begging of your day.

A roomy and practical bathroom is crucial. To achieve that the project sets up full functionality along with a luxury look. On the over 20m2 there is literally everything you need. The marvelous mosaic and a free standing bathtub makes the bathroom outstandingly unique.”

Photos courtesy of Nasciturus Design

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