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Chalet Lagunen by Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer

By Magaly Grosso


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Chalet Lagunen is part of the Hölick Sea Resort, which is located in Hudiksvall, Sweden and was designed by Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer.

The chalet is surrounded by a lush forest, the chalet provides the perfect warm haven to the cold weather outside.

Chalet Lagunen by Mats Edlund & Henrietta Palmer:

“Until today Hölick Sea Resort, located in a pine forest on the coast north of the Swedish city Hudiksvall, has been a traditional camping site. We wish to increase the quality of living and add new values to the former camping and have used the metaphor “lodge” to illustrate this new ambition.

The proposal is a total concept of living, food, services and experiences – including nature, buildings, footpaths, bridges, lighting and signage – to achieve an over-all experience, while keeping a feeling of privacy.

By focusing on an exciting architecture in wood, inspired by the former tents on the camping, the client wishes to reach more affluent customers. The area is planned for 22 houses of two different types; 80 and 90 sqm (861 and 969 sqft), of which the bigger one has just been built. The plan is to start construction of the second house type during winter 2011.

Both houses are built totally in wood, using the Gotlandic traditional faltak – a wooden roof – to achieve a homogeneous wood appearance. The interiors are light and spacious, and planned for an easy Swedish summer lifestyle for families and friends.”

Floor Plan

Photos by: Jacob Nordström

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