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Yatsugatake Villa by MDS

By Sophie Johnson


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This modern villa was created in 2012 for an elderly couple located near Mount Yatsugatake in Hokuto-City, Japan.

Because of the somewhat harsh environment of the area, the Tokyo-based architects of MDS took special care in their design so as to manage the disagreeable temperatures.

Yatsugatake Villa by MDS:

“Situated in the foothills of Mt. Yatsugatake, this vacation home gently incorporates the natural environment around it. The fan-shaped design opening to the south means plenty of sun streams in during the cold winters: no matter the time of day there’s always a place to bask in the sun.

In contrast, strong summer sunshine is blocked by a roof and side walls that protrude beyond the façade, providing shade. Windows in the north and south exterior walls bring cool breezes into the house.

The result of these design strategies is a structure that is simple yet filled with a rich diversity of scenes.”

Photos by: Toshiyuki Yano

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