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RE+Wood Guesthouse by Lee

By Magaly Grosso


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RE+Wood Guesthouse is a hip and cozy guesthouse designed by Lee and located in Anping, Tainan, Taiwan.

Its walls make use of a number of interposed and superposed planks of wood to add texture and decoration, with a simplicity and warmth of design that make it feel like home.

RE+Wood Guesthouse by Lee:

” ‘Love Our Planet, this is the most important idea what I want to put into this guesthouse,’ Lee said, an interior designer who has made this reclaimed Loft guesthouse in the travel spot Anping, Tainan, Taiwan. This guesthouse is named ‘RE+Wood Guesthouse,’ as the work of artistic and mosaics design that reflects his passion for idea and reuse of recovered wood. All room is flanked by the different type of mosaics wood walls that let in the room so artistic. With a keen interest in the deign of architectural lighting, a study carried out all lights of walls and space, LED track lighting and track to adjust the light of the room, large windows let in natural light so generous. He preserving the industrial character of the walls and also decided the color in the tree natural green. Throughout his travels he combine his passion, hobby, and idea for this loft guesthouse and show them to all the tourism.

At a glance, all the room you can go and see each of the units have it own type of mosaic wood wall. He collected all these recovered woods for over one year time , pieces by pieces ,from different furniture factories. The carpenters, over 20 years of experience, use the natural character of wood and its original shape to mosaic the wall. Based on these, decide the type, arrangement and color in mosaic.

He also collect the old Taiwan’s traditional windows which is disused in the modern building. Put the local culture and memory into the design.

The recovery and conversion of woods giving other use is a passion of Lee. The door of the room that he made with recovered wood to connect the idea of guesthouse. Mosaic waffle surface also functionalize the door in soundproof. The reclaimed table that he made with recovery wood from the rest of mosaic wall and disused table. Thousands of Love-planet details stand out in this unique guesthouse.”

Photos courtesy of Lee

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