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Chiswick Residence by Arki[vis]

Chiswick Residence was designed by Arki[vis] and is located in Chiswick, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

The home has a luxurious terrace with stunning views over the waterfront, and its interior is sophisticated and sleek.

Chiswick Residence by Arki[vis]:

“This contemporary dual residence is set in a scenic Sydney suburb with panoramic views along the Parramatta River, just minutes from the city centre. The original concept evolved through its topographical relationships. The site had been excavated by a previous landowner before the new owners took possession of the site. This presented an opportunity to create a building which nestled into the man-made & natural contours of the site, to minimize further excavation and site disturbance.

The design rationale revolves around large floating planes, accentuating the nautical perimeters of the project and providing comfort, amenity and luxury. The glazed components of the building are largely shaded for summer comfort whilst the slight roof and awning angles allow abundant winter sun penetration, using the thermal masses of the building to draw in warmth.

The solid elements of the building cleverly break apart as you find your way to the rear of the residence, with spectacular views down the river. The plan was strategically designed to allow a view from each and every bedroom, living, rumpus and study areas. The framed river views borrow the serenity of the water and allow a constant connection with the natural elements of the site surrounds.”

First Level
Second Level
Third Level

Photos by: Karl Beath

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