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Contemporary Chic by OLStudio

Russian architectural and interior design firm OLStudio completed the interior of this 1,937 square foot apartment in the heart of Moscow, Russia.

Contemporary Chic by OLStudio:

“Located in the very center of Moscow, Russia this custom flat is approximately 180 square meters.

This flat, designed by Oxana Lichagina (OLstudio), was created for young man. Idea was to combine functionality and style. Dark materials were used to give the space chic and elegant look. Concept was not to make super trendy place, but something

beautiful that would be of current interest for a long time. Rough solid wood flooring compliments light silk wallpapers and makes furniture stand out.

Idea of calm atmosphere is continued in bedroom. From the very first look you can understand that it is a man’s flat. Splash of color in bathroom attracts attention.”

Photos courtesy of OLStudio

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