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TV Room by Geometrix Design

By • Jun 4, 2013

Russian interior designers Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina from Geometrix Design recently designed this modern living room/TV Room for a family of musicians.

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TV Room project by Geometrix Design:

“Our main tasks were: to think out a storage system for musical equipment, books, and other belongings without making the room even more narrow, to provide a place to sleep, and some room for rehearsals and giving lessons.

We decided to break the geometry of the room, thus getting rid of the habitual dead-end planning. The wall with a TV was decorated with felt-lined panels (felt is a very good soundproof material); between the panels mild local lighting was built-in and the wall itself was designed in such a way that it makes impression of lightness.

The central part protrudes with regard to the basic wall, and mirrors are attached to the lower and upper parts of the wall, which makes you feel like the wall suspends. The color continuity can be changed with the help of a LED strip, so the warm, restrained colors of the room can be altered any time.”

Photos courtesy of Geometrix

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