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Gupta Apartment by ZZ Architects

Gupta Apartment, located in Beaumonde in Mumbai, India, was designed by ZZ Architects.

The interior is sleek and luxurious, with design that is both elegant and full of character.

Gupta Apartment by ZZ Architects:

“The owner’s only request was a home that defines their lifestyle, love for entertaining and a casual yet sophisticated look. We had designed their earlier villa and it was necessary to develop this apartment based in Beaumonde, a luxury home in South Mumbai differently.

The design concept revolved along the idea of reflecting the sky-blue color within the home with a base touch of solid grey as a background. It had to be very subtle and was very challenging to balance the same in complete absence of a natural wood tone on the inside of the living and dining space. A base of white along the floors in the passage transverse the users from one space to another. Accents of linen, suedes and other fabric tones add a harmony within the home. The sensibilities of selection of the pieces of furniture and art, play along the central theme. In exchange to the calm indoors the continuous deck that connects the rooms on the periphery has been finished in natural wood standing out well against the deep blue sky tones in the evenings.

Lobby and Living Space

One enters the home through a private lobby with an artwork of Krishna by Shuvprassana. The colors are bright and add a sense of depth along side a large mirror frame customized on site. The importance of this is also to add a foreground to a boutique puja room designed with clear glass doors and large flowing motifs in jodhpur patchouli work in blue and silver as a background to the marble statues of the idols. The chandelier in the lobby is an eclectic piece fused into the space with light blue crystals to reflect a blue hue in subtlety.

The door connecting the lobby to the living space is a large one. Its a door we designed for the family’s villa and we carried forward the design to a sliding format. This gives a sense of connection and openness when one wants to let the spaces flow.

The living space has a beige marble floor, a large continuous ceiling with linear recessed lights distinguished to go with our scheme. The lighting solution is minimal and very controlled. The window openings to the living space have been kept large to enjoy the landscape view from this level. A large pot with a frangipani plant is flexible within the deck and the living space. A mix of imported Italian furniture brands like Minotti, Desiree and Driade have been used.

An artwork has been commissioned with Sunil Padwal to blend along with the color palette of the home. In contrast to this a Binoy Varghese brightens up the extreme corner of the living room.

There is a convertible bar counter at the junction of the dining and the living. Its opens up during a party or acts as an additional display console.

The dining area exemplifies the design style. A spacious long table in a painted glass top customized by ZZArchitects along with leather finished dining chairs from Lignet Roset. The chandelier resembles the falling stars in a very abstract form and reflects playfully on the surfaces around. The design of the wall panel in combination of stone, mirror and grey birds eye maple adds a sense of length along the table and the window with an onyx base adds a definition to the shorter length of the dining room. The dining space in all has architectural details thats overlook the art in the living room maintaining the essential balance.


The kitchen is a combination of the exisiting beechwood storage and the floor provided by the builder and additional white lacquered finish surfaces from Poggenpohl. An island counter in white Satuario marble with an overhead color changing pendant from Artemide highlights the lightness of the space.The equipments are from Miele.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is designed as a large uninterrupted space, with peripheral openings overlooking the private deck. We wanted to maintain the artistic flow along with the simplistic style of the rest of the home. To add a touch of warmth the flooring is done in a rustic wood finish with a spread of a white pallete around in the form of a lit wall panel in white saturaio marble. The walk in wardrobe along with the master bathroom has a white satuario floor in conjunction with black granite, this is a complement to the custom made bed in onyx and a headboard of black fabric with speckles of shine on it.
Furniture from B&B Italia is a comfortable choice for the couple to enjoy their reading casually. A very interesting carpet with deep dark cloudy sky imprint was out of the clients collection placed at an angle to accentuate the spaciousness of the room. The study table is tucked in the corner besides the deck and gets ample natural light.
The basin is designed as an angular counter which allows retaining of all windows which overlook the poolside and also get additional counter space. The wardrobe is a custom made area with large sliding mirror frames to make it artistic and not monotonous or typical. The use of silver frames with white lacquer adds to the quality of detailing. The raised level on the reverse side leads to the hidden WC and shower area. At anytime with multi purpose sliding door opened up the wardrobe space connects to the bedroom keeping the bathroom hidden thus adding to the expanse.

Daughters Room

The daughters room is kept young and classy. The use of multiple colors on the curtains adds a spunk to the room as planned. The bed stands out in white velvet sheen. The wardrobes has large span shutters with customized hardware. A lounge chair is placed with a backdrop of the dressing mirrors at the main entrance of the room.

The Convertible Space

An interesting space with the design language of a private study converting to a TV Room or a guest room in case if additional need arrives.

This room has the study by Poltrona Frau at a corner with a glazed partition overlooking the main passage and is the first bedroom from the living space. An unpredictable sofa cum bed with a shelving is finished in a bright orange fabric. The wooden ceiling adds to the warmth of the space. The tripod light fitting stylishly highlights a wall finished with an embossed print thats resembles branches flowing out in space vertically. On the opposite wall is a painting by Suhas Roy. In all its a modern room personalized to their style and requirements.

Sons Room

The sons room has a well planned two leveled bed with a double bed at the lower level giving it a play of levels the son was excited about. The wardrobe is graphically designed with the world map on it as the family loves to travel and he would like to mark his route around the world. The room is young and most color appears from the change of upholstery thus keeping a sense of control and harmony within the space. The current scheme is blue, black, grey and white with green Herman Miller chairs for the study. “

Photos courtesy of ZZ Architects

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