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IJburg Villa by Marc Prosman Architecten

By Sophie Johnson


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Marc Prosman Architecten created this modern residence in 2011 for a client located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It was designed based on the client’s desire for a feeling of freedom and openness throughout the home.

IJburg Villa by Marc Prosman Architecten:

“On this new IJburg parcel Marc Prosman architecten designed a detached villa, carefully embedded in this island by its open and panoramic qualities. This spacious experience with a beautiful view on the water resembles the client’s wish for a sense of freedom and characterises the design.

The back facade is mostly glass fronts, providing access to a platform terrace and the building wide balcony. The fronts are subtly framed by the same wooden structure as all facades, giving this villa its coherent appearance. The entrance at the front is being accented by a concrete frame.

Next to the entrance the kitchen is situated; the living room at the back faces the water. One wall consists of glass, mainly. A horizontal strip of frosted glass on the outside is a bookcase on the inside. This welcomes diffuse light into the living room, without affecting the occupants’ privacy.”

floor plans

Photos by: Milad Pallesh

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