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House D&H by CKX Architecten

Dutch studio CKX Architects designed the House D&H project for a family of nine.

This modern two story family home is located in Helmond,  a city in the province of North Brabant in the southern Netherlands.

House D &H by CKX Architecten:

“The house is located on a nice green site in the city of Helmond,  a small town in the south of The Netherlands.  This residential building is designed for a couple with 7 kids and the wish for a small home office area.

Strict regulations from city council ranging from distances to borders, access and total amount of construction area and volume and a love for Dutch modernist architecture resulted in this play with white cubic volumes.

The resultant form proposes a dialogue between a range of different solids and voids, using light to draw or reflect on the surfaces, proposing a changeable reading of space and volumes during the day.

On the garden side the house opens completely to a nice green garden and turns  in a spectacular indoor-outdoor living space with full height glass walls that slide away to embrace the green garden.”

Photos courtesy of CKX Architecten

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