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Casa CorMAnca by PAUL CREMOUX studio

Designed by PAUL CREMOUX studio, Casa CorMAnca is located in Ciudad de México, México.

The home mixes the elements of a hanging vertical garden and walls made of a stone of almost volcanic quality to create a polished and interesting effect.

Casa CorMAnca by PAUL CREMOUX studio:

“On a 12 meters by 13 meters (39ft by 42ft) plot of land, a monolithic volume is transformed in order to attain luminous indoor spaces. Slade stone at the exterior facades is contrasted with the soft beech like wood finish, achieving great definition and space discovery.

Built in a small plot of land 176 m2, (1894 SqFt), the construction rises looking south to the vertical vegetation garden wall. It is a 3 stories high assembly where the main terrace is to be found at the second level, follow by a small lecture studio. This area is intent to transform radically the notion of “open patio garden” since there is not really space to ensure a ground courtyard, the main terrace plays a social definitive roll.

Recyclable content materials, VOC paint, cross ventilations highly used and passive energy-temperature control strategies are bound into the core design. Three heat exhaustion chimney work as main devices to control hot temperature at bedrooms areas.
Vertical garden is a mayor air quality and humidity creator, where before there was any plant, now we have planted over 4000.

We would like to think about vegetation not only as a practical temperature-humidity comfort control device, or as a beautiful energetic view, but also as an element that acts like a light curtain, accomplishing the idea of a theatrical dramatic plane, where more space is to be found at the back.”

First Level
Second Level

Photos by: Héctor Armando Herrera

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