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Leonard Residence by Ehrlich Architects

Leonard Residence was designed by Ehrlich Architects and is located in Los Angeles, California.

The interior is elegant and simple, and its terraces and windows offer arresting views over the city.

Leonard Residence by Ehrlich Architects:

“Perched at the edge of a canyon in the Hollywood Hills of California, the Leonard Residence carefully mixes program adjacencies and architectural styling to cater to the living styles of the clients and capture the breathtaking views of the city beyond.

The 4,000 square foot house consists of multiple levels to mitigate the steep slope of the site, with each level serving the living, working and relaxation needs of this young couple.

By utilizing a modern aesthetic, carefully placed programmatic and service elements such as fireplaces, kitchen appliances and even built-in cabinetry screen unsightly neighbors and harsh sun, but support an uninterrupted wall of glass across the back facade that allows the clients to enjoy the spectacular views.”

Photos by: Grey Crawford & Bradley Wheeler

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