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Concerto by KCD Design Studio

By • Jun 26, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Concerto is a project designed by Taiwan-based KCD Design Studio.

It is a chic apartment with smooth wooden floors and carefully selected decorative accessories, the resulting aura the epitome of sophistication.

Concerto by KC Design Studio:

“We never found the performance could be so elegant as a concerto. The dialogue between instruments solo and orchestra are pretty as a graceful poem.

The framework was combined by two houses. We connected placements, musical form, double living and master bedroom all together by different essential factors. Each factor has its own characteristic and clearly interprets itself. The movement was composed with all kinds of emotion, sometimes sonorous and sometimes whisper.

Now, we can hear whispering stone, metal, wood, glass and fabric are chatting. Indistinctly, the violin and piano took place the whole movement then orchestra just can’t help join timely. No doubt, this concerto will be played described at the most beautiful chapter.”

Floor Plan

Photos courtesy of KCD Design Studio

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