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Lavaflow 7 by Craig Steely Architecture

American architectural firm Craig Steely Architecture has designed the Lavaflow 7.

Completed in 2013, this contemporary home in Pahoa, Hawaii, USA, is supported by a massive 140 foot long beam that spans the entire length of the house.

Lavaflow 7 by Craig Steely Architecture:

“Located on five acres of dense Ohia forest, this cast-in-place concrete house frames indoor and outdoor living spaces along with views of the forest, the sky, and the coastline. It continues our exploration of a reductive architecture that enhances the experience of living in this compelling environment.

The main feature of the house is a concrete beam, 140 foot long, 48 inch tall x 12 inch wide running the length of the building with only three short concrete walls supporting it along its massive span. The concrete beam allows for sizable spans of uninterrupted glass and covered outdoor space, creating a permeable edge between the man-made and nature, amplify the sensation of living in the Ohia forest.”

Photos by: Bruce Damonte

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