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Sonoma Mountain House by Nielsen Schuh Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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Sonoma Mountain House was designed by Nielsen Schuh Architects and is located in Sonoma, California.

The home mixes sleek elements with rustic ones, resulting in a uniquely elegant and warm atmosphere.

Sonoma Mountain House by Nielsen Schuh Architects:

“A hilly climb through redwoods, oaks and madronas, leads to a small isolated clearing. A cluster of majestic redwoods are the focus. From this clearing, windows open through the dense forest. As the light changes, distant views begin to emerge, as if planned.

The Sonoma Mountain House is organized to enhance this experience of drama and discovery, as an integral part of daily life. A single fold in the uplifting roof allows the house to pan across the immediate setting, and expand outward, while embracing the upslope.

A continuous deck extends the from the pool along the length of the house, bridging over the driveway to the guest house. The curved terrain drops abruptly where the guest house tower floats over the slope. Guests arrive to find they are in the treetops.

Spaces that occupy the sheltering structure are open and flowing, so that boundaries dissolve both inside and outside. Materials and finish balance comfort and refinement with the rustic setting. An exuberant structural framework knits into the forest surrounding the house. All of this reflects the embrace of life that characterize these clients.”

Photos courtesy of Nielsen Schuh Architects

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