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Gros Ventre Residence by Stephen Dynia Architects

By • Jul 12, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Gros Ventre Residence is located in Jackson, Wyoming and was designed by Stephen Dynia Architects.

The home boasts stunning views over the surrounding hills and an interior that is elegant and warm.

Gros Ventre Residence by Stephen Dynia Architects:

“Nestled into a hillside, this low profile residence creates a contrast of spatial experiences. The house consists of two intersecting “bars”.

The south and east side of the bars capture downhill views to the valley floor. On the northern uphill side, the house’s two wings form an intimate courtyard with a grove of aspen trees.

At the entry, the geometry is skewed by an alignment with a prominent mountain peak viewline to the east.”

First Level / Second Level

Photos courtesy of Stephen Dynia Architects

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