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Casa Bramasole

By Magaly Grosso


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Casa Bramasole is a stunning villa perched atop the spectacular hills of Umbria, Italy.

Previously a pile of ruins, the building was remodeled and turned into the luxurious but rustic structure it is today.

Casa Bramasole:

“You do not just turn a pile of bricks into a palazzo with a view in Umbria. Wealth and beauty may help, but they will not let you get away with it. A farm house on a mountain side has two stories joined by an outside staircase. Tiles are terracotta, windows are small. Neither will spoil the sunrise over the Lake Trasimeno, and your taste in interior decoration is to your own merits.

Casa Bramasole will accommodate eight people in rustic Italian authenticity combined with the owner’s addiction to Scandinavian and Italian design classics.

Reminiscent of an Italian manor house, Casa Bramasole’s tall stone façades rise to a spectacular view of the Lago Trasinemo and the surrounding forest reservations.

Local craftsmen have complied with strict regulations to preserve the original character, including the massive staircase to the first floor.

Take original brickwork and exposed beams, arches and hand-made terracotta floor tiles for authenticity. Add inventive convieniences such as heated bathroom floors, outdoor lighting and tv room. Throw in a stainless Boffi kitchen, Phillippe Starck-equipped bathrooms and bedrooms with fourposter beds. Top with a selection of Scandinavian and Italian design classics and a spread of genuine khelim rugs – and you might wish that your stay were forever.

Heated by solar panels, the pool digs into the mountainside and is barely visible from the terrace. Work on your tan in the generous sunbeds, take an outdoor shower, or dive in to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Trasimeno in the right element. Prepare your snacks in the pool-house kitchen and stock up on cool drinks in the fridge. Be sure to be the first down here in the morning and have the world to yourself.”

Photos courtesy of the Casa Bramasole

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