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House in Rocafort by Ramon Esteve Studio

Designed by Ramon Esteve Studio, House in Rocafort is located in Valencia, Spain.

The home possesses futuristic elements, in contrast with the more traditional style of its architecture.

House in Rocafort by Ramon Esteve Studio:

“The beginning condition for this house is born from the trapezoidal shape of the plot, located in a residential area. The vegetation is a dense element of edge. That is the reason why the house is proposed like a volume where focusing views becomes specially important.

The composition of the different spaces depends only on geometry and light.

Geometry, because there are produced addition and subtraction processes to the volume until get the right proportion of the built space. Light, due to the develop high quality atmosphere and of its expressive possibilities. The consistency of the project depends mostly on using properly the light. The right combination of both is the key of this project.

We try to provide each room with a different character. The inside-outside transition is really important to get it. We try to expand the space by extending the skin of the house to the outside. Besides, the empty spaces receive the light that shines through the holes. That works quite different depending on the time and the privacy degree. That is to say, the light shines bright and strong through the holes of the porch, veiled and controlled in the private spaces, getting to create dense atmospheres.”

Photos courtesy of Ramon Esteve Studio

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