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House MM by Federico Delrosso Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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House MM, located in Vandorno, Biella, Italy, was designed by Federico Delrosso Architects.

The home is almost entirely white, with other colors used as accents or tonal variations to add diversity.

House MM by Federico Delrosso Architects:

“This villa is laid out on a single floor and is characterized by a large wholly transparent volume which unites two apparently distinct bodies, one for the living area and the other for the sleeping quarters. This transparent area, through which the natural surroundings completely penetrate the house, is the entrance-living area devoted to the most convivial activities of the occupants, enabling them to enjoy the beautiful and natural variations in light during the day.

“The two extreme volumes have different designs: the first has a trapezoidal form, the other is a flat block. I tried in this way to interpret the skyline of the mountains onto which the building faces. It is the landscape that I have admired and lived in for over thirty years, living with my family in the house next door. Besides, to me this project represents the conclusion of a personal and professional journey in which I am and will remain deeply rooted….” F.D.

The architecture is white and light, as if it had been placed gently on the ground.
The interiors have the lightness of naturalness: concrete for the floors and the color white for the walls. In them are set horizontal slits, at sitting height, which allow the inhabitants to feel constantly connected to the landscape outside.”

Photos courtesy of Federico Delrosso Architects

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