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Casas 31 by Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos

By • Aug 3, 2013

Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos completed the project Casas 31, which is located in Punta Pite, Chile.

It consists of two homes perched atop a rocky cliff, facing the ocean and surrounded by an arid and colorful garden.

Casas 31 by Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos:

“The project consists of two holiday houses for a three-generation family, located at Punta Pite (“place of wind” in aboriginals’ language), two hours north from Santiago, just in front of the Pacific Ocean.

The lot is in the middle of a rock promontory visible from the beach at the west, and from the houses that follow to the east. The access road is on its south side. To the north –in front of the site– waves crash down on the rocks, while winds lash the place from the southwest.

The 2 buildings are located in the interstices between rocks and vegetation, the parents’ house at the west end of the plot, the sons’ at the east. Their interiors and exteriors are linked by a system of routes riding from roofs to floors, while communicating with the closer landscape. Rooms follow one another in their openness and external exposure, opening gradually to the north view and closing to the neighbours and the wind.

Carved stone was used for the construction of walls, floors and ceilings, while reinforced concrete for slabs, beams and columns. Like an artificial stone, the project seeks to mediate the relation between the natural surroundings and the built place.”

First Level
Second Level

Photos courtesy of Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos

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