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Modern Addition by Hammer Architects

By Sophie Johnson


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This contemporary residence is a 2008 project by Hammer Architects located in Truro, Massachusetts, USA.

It was originally an unheated summer home that has been altered for year-round use.

Modern Addition,
Truro by Hammer Architects:

“This mid-century modern house is located within the Cape Cod National Seashore Park and is sited on a knoll overlooking two kettle ponds.

The challenge was to adapt an unheated summer cottage into an energy efficient 4-season home that was respectful of the natural environment, and conformed to the zoning regulations of the Cape Cod National Seashore District.

The 2008 addition by Hammer Architects includes a master bedroom suite, study, and kitchen on the first floor. A new roof deck overlooking the ponds is accessed through the second floor home office.

The renovated portion of the residence houses the living/ dining room and two guest bedrooms.”

Photos by: Bill Lyons, Peter Vanderwarker, Rick Grossman, and Mark Hammer

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