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Casa Ceno by Daniele Corsaro

By Magaly Grosso


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Casa Ceno is a project located in Brindisi, Italy, and it was designed by Daniele Corsaro.

The home possesses a clean rusticity, with large open spaces, elegantly-cut-stone walls, and a spacious infinity swimming pool that seems to overflow into the surrounding countryside.

Casa Ceno by Daniele Corsaro:

“The project was born from the desire to build a holiday home for a large family. In order to give them each their own space it was thought to articulate the volumes creating an atmosphere that leads to the characteristic villages of southern Italy. The elements of the wall structures with their whitewashed masses, scanned by dry-stone walls are connected between them through a path along the East-West axis that ends towards an infinity pool overlooking the Valley.”

Photos by: Dario Miale

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